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The Hotel Safety Academy
The Hotel Safety Academy

Safety First. Always.

The Hotel Safety Academy offers blended learning, facilitated training and compliance systems to reduce workplace injury.

About The Hotel Safety Academy

Hotel Worker Days Away, Restricted and Transferred are 233% Higher than Other Business

The Hotel Safety Academy (HSA), a division of Mack Venture, was designed by hoteliers in response to a growing appreciation of the High Hazard Environments (HHEs) housekeepers encounter each day. Whether it is exposure to waste, hauling wet laundry or bending over a tub, cleaning staff are asked to perform a variety of physical tasks that put them at risk for injury. It is our job to maximize knowledge and performance in a way that mitigates those risks to the fullest extent possible. 

Push/pull, lift/bend, twist/turn and related movements make housekeepers especially susceptible to injury. The HSA provides a comprehensive Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program (MIPP) that includes blended learning, facilitated training tools and compliance systems that are scaled for lodging establishments of all sizes. At the HSA, we believe in putting people first by ensuring safe work practices. Our programs are Best-in-Class, covering all 7 Standards required by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), including a Master Safety Toolkit designed to keep your business safe too.

HSA is a Women Owned Small Business Enterprise (WOSB) founded by veterans of the hospitality industry. We have offices in Los Angeles, San Diego and New York. With deep roots in all aspects of hotel management, the HSA executive team oversees strict adoption of the criteria prescribed under CCR Title 8 §3345. Safety is the core of our proprietary hotel housekeeping safety program which includes a written MIPP, live-time virtual coaching, corporate compliance tools and support services.

Training Modules


HSA conducts virtual Train-the-Trainer sessions so your management team is empowered to orient all staff now and new housekeepers throughout the year. Our facilitated,  video-assisted teaching tools are published in English and Spanish with all of the support materials you need to be MIPP compliant. While HSA's MIPP solutions are designed to big-brand standards, they are equally transferable to all lodging establishments, regardless of size.


The HSA will give your hotel team a Master Safety Toolkit (MST) with guidelines for completing an inventory and analysis of existing housekeeping tools and equipment. This step will assist your hotel during the Hazard Evaluation and construct recommendations for replacement or acquisition, including PPE, which you will evaluate with input from your housekeeping staff.


It is the HSA’s goal to empower Hotel Managers to perform 

independent Incident Investigations. We do this by providing training and support, including a step-by-step guide for identifying deficiencies that may lead to workplace injury. 


The HSA's comprehensive MIP Program supplies hotels and management teams with the resources needed to address the most common housekeeping hazards. In more complex cases, the HSA will provide support and resources to help your hotel team determine cause and correction.

Compliance & Support


When you engage the services of the HSA, the first order of business is to help you conduct a Hazard Evaluation. Using the Master Safety Toolkit, you will learn how to conduct a confidential walk-through with your staff and evaluate potential hazards. This process allows you to foster a safety partnership with your housekeeping staff and and set the foundation for creating a customized Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program (MIPP) at each property.


Each hotel will receive a customized MIPP in both English and Spanish. The MIPP is available in additional languages by request. The written MIPP contains all of the information staff need during training and for on-going compliance. The HSA provides each property with an additional hard copy to be housed in a central location accessible to all personnel. Digital copies are available on a USB drive with limited distribution rights so Managers, Supervisors  and the SLT can reproduce training and complaince documents as needed.


The HSA will supply each property with a Master Safety Toolkit (MST). The MST includes reporting documents in addition to blank forms for recording new hire orientation, incident investigation and correction.

We will provide annual electronic updates as regulations change. Updates and Addendums to the MST will be issued via email throughout the year.

MIPP Facilitated Video Learning

New! The Hotel Safety Academy is pleased to announce the introduction of Facilitated Video Learning in both English and Spanish. Please contact us for a demonstration and to learn more about this world class training module.


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The Hotel Safety Academy keeps administrative hours between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time each weekday. However, due to the nature of our industry and varying work shifts, we are more than happy to

accommodate non-traditional hours.

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